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The bride asks Reddit if it would be “sticky” to ask the guest to make a wedding decor as a gift

Can the love work be extended instead of a wedding gift?

That’s what an anonymous bride-to-be asks in a recent etiquette post on the Wedding Shaming subreddit.

The 27-year-old Reddit user, engaged since 2016 and currently aiming for a wedding in 2022, asked the 165,400-member group if it was okay for them to ask her fiancé’s aunt for help setting up their reception would.

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“My fiancé’s aunt is incredibly smart. She makes these incredibly clear and stunning quilts. She plays the sewing machine like a violin,” wrote the bride-to-be on Saturday. “Would it be sticky, brutal, or some other terrible way to provide them with cloth and ask them to make table runners instead of giving us a gift? That the job of making table runners is their gift?”

An anonymous bride-to-be wants to ask her fiancé’s aunt to make table runners for her wedding, according to a curious Reddit post. (iStock)

Most members of the subreddit had no concerns about the bride’s question, but some expressed concern about the potential workload and timeframe of their request, given that the number of guests is 60-75.


“I would ask her sooner, about a year. Depending on how many table runners you want, it can take more than 8 months, even if she is a master,” advised a Reddit user. “If you give her more time, she will be less pressured to feel like she has to hurry.”

“Tell her what you think,” wrote another person. “She will either be enthusiastic and volunteer or she won’t. Take your advice from her.”

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Another user even recommended the bride’s offer to pay for the aunt’s craft service, but the bride said she was sure the aunt would refuse the payment altogether.

Only one person commented that they found the phrase “instead of a gift” sticky. However, they changed their minds when another user said it wasn’t difficult to tell if the aunt actually agreed and the couple left the table runners behind.


Meanwhile, the most popular comment on the thread praised the bride for her thoughtfulness.

“Make sure she knows how much you appreciate the quilt and that is the main reason you ask instead of saving money,” wrote the top commentator. “I was touched reading why you’d want her to do it, so I’m sure she’d love to hear that too. All she can say is no – she’s far more likely to say yes.”


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