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The bride, poisoned by her wild wedding flowers, revealed that she was blind on her big day and needed to be hospitalized

PEONIES, roses and peas are popular for bridal bouquets for a reason.

Not only are they beautiful and smell heavenly – they’re also a VERY slim chance that they will accidentally blind you as you walk down the aisle.


Christine Jo Miller had a reaction to her wild wedding flowersPhoto credit: Tik Tok

And while we can’t blame Christine Jo Miller for going against tradition, we imagine she would do things differently after her wildflowers caused a toxic reaction on her wedding day in 2017.

In a series of TikTok videos, Christine explained how she thought it was romantic to use the snow-on-mountain flowers that grow in the parcel she bought with her husband in Nebraska.

In the days leading up to the wedding, the bride-to-be picked enough flowers to fill an entire truck – but little knew how toxic they can be and cause reactions similar to poison ivy’s.

The night before the wedding, the bride and her friends spent the evening arranging the wildflowers with white roses and the baby’s breath.


The snow-on-the-mountain flowers (picture below right) triggered Christine’s reactionPhoto credit: Tik TokThe bride slept while getting her hair done


The bride slept while getting her hair donePhoto credit: Tik Tok

However, Christine woke up on the wedding day to find that her face was covered with a nasty rash from the juice residue.

She posted a photo of herself lying on the floor and wrote, “I was starting to feel sick and feverish from the pain.

“So I did the pickle trick and slept while doing my hair.”

But while she had covered her eyes with cucumber slices, Christine was horrified to realize that she had lost her sight because the face was so swollen.

After Christine found out the emergency room was closed, she decided to tap through


After Christine found out the emergency room was closed, she decided to tap throughPhoto credit: Tik TokThe bride had to be given a steroid injection on her wedding day


The bride had to be given a steroid injection on her wedding dayPhoto credit: Tik Tok

At 11:30 am, Christine was rushed to the nearest emergency room – but to make matters worse, it wasn’t open as the wedding fell on Labor Day weekend.

Amazingly, determined not to let the allergic reaction ruin her big day, the bride found the strength to still walk down the aisle.

She wrote, “I didn’t die so I thought I just had to suck it up. I tried putting on makeup – was in too much pain so I slept until my mom said it was time to put my dress on. “”

Christine also says she couldn’t keep her eyes open, but it hurt to have them closed too.

The bride spent most of the day sleeping and tearing


The bride spent most of the day sleeping and tearingPhoto credit: Tik TokChristine cut the cake into a T-shirt her husband bought at Target


Christine cut the cake into a T-shirt her husband bought at TargetPhoto credit: Tik Tok

After finally putting on her dress, the bride forgot her heels, which meant that her train was “very much a branch, leaf, [bit of dirt]”at their outdoor wedding.

After taking the vows, Christine was taken to a nearby hospital where she was given eye drops, pain medication, and a steroid shot.

Meanwhile, her new husband, Jon, was rushing to a nearby destination to get Christine comfortable clothes to change into.

When they got to her reception, she said, “We didn’t want a first dance because I didn’t want to be the center of attention out of embarrassment.”

When a guest tried to get her to dance, Christine screamed in pain and said she had spent most of the day under a table to avoid paying attention.

And while there’s no denying that Christine’s day didn’t go quite as planned, the bride and groom spent the rest of their night eating pizza in their hotel room – which doesn’t sound too bad to us.

A week later, after the swelling subsided, the photographer arranged a surprise wedding reception for the couple, and they have been married for eight years.

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