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The couple from San Angelo, Texas hand out wedding flowers to spread love

SAN ANGELO – Newlyweds Chance and Hannah Buckner loaded dozen of flower arrangements into their pickup and headed for a delivery day in San Angelo, Texas on Monday.

After the couple got married on September 19, the thought of throwing away the fresh pink and white roses didn’t go well with Hannah, so she called on Facebook.

“I would love to pass this on to anyone in need of a boost. When someone knows someone is going through a difficult time, an elderly or disabled person who is alone on their street, even if you have never spoken to them, just see them You occasionally. Please give me your address and I will send you a flower arrangement with an encouraging note. “

The post received more than 120 comments – mostly in support of the couple’s kind gesture – and private messages were received, a total of 72.

People nominated others who they believed needed a pick-me-up, including patients battling COVID-19, cancer, recent losses, a teacher going through a rough patch, or someone they thought was lonely.

In the matching “Hubs” and “Wifey” shirts, the couple delivered flowers to around 20 locations for six hours.

“We have delivered to the numerous family, friends, and co-workers of people in the community who have all gone through different things in their lives,” said Hannah. “We had a couple of people crying, a couple of hugs and a lot of thank you. We had a lady who hugged us and cried and that one person made it all worth it.”

After a couple from San Angelo got married, they decided to hand out their fresh flower arrangements to people to spread love and joy in the neighborhood.

On Monday afternoon, a local nursing home was her first drop off point.

Although they couldn’t see the residents they had delivered to due to COVID-19 restrictions, the thought of brightening someone’s day was enough to put a smile on the couple’s faces.

Chance and Hannah met three years ago. The two say wedding planning faced various challenges during the pandemic, including postponing the April ceremony and the honeymoon.

“We’re just grateful that we could finally have our day and have all of our dear friends and family with us,” said the couple. “I never thought I’d have masks and hand sanitizer at my wedding, but hey, that’s another memory!”

And they were happy to share their day with even more people through the flower deliveries.

“I know I always enjoy receiving flowers, so we just wanted to pass the same joy on to other people in need,” said Hannah. “Chance and I are believers and just wanted to do what God told us to do, namely to love and spread love to your neighbors.”


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