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The difference between a wedding planner and a wedding designer

You asked and we answered! Welcome to your weekly “Plan Your Happy Life Afterward” column with Wedding Advisor Shikima Hinds. Her focus this week: wedding planners versus wedding designers

I’m pretty sure one of the first thoughts you had when you were engaged was who would help you with your wedding details. Surely you’ve thought about hiring a wedding professional to do this. As you started thinking about it, you probably quickly realized that there is an entire wedding vocabulary that you probably need to define.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a wedding planner and a wedding designer? Who does what? Should you consider hiring both?

I often hear couples exchange the terms wedding designer, wedding planner, and wedding coordinator.

A planner is almost always a coordinator, but a coordinator is not always a planner. A planner can also be a designer, but a designer is not always a planner or a coordinator. Some professionals are all rolled into one.

Confused? Understandably.

The roles of planners, designers and event coordinators can overlap, but they are also very different. Few couples need all three on their wedding day. Some may need a or two – it all depends on your plans and wedding goals.

The wedding planner

Wedding planners have one priority: making sure your wedding goes smoothly. Wedding planners are experienced professionals who plan, organize and coordinate the logistics of a client’s wedding, thereby realizing the wedding vision. You are involved in the planning process right from the start.

The planner is responsible for pulling together all of the elements of a wedding day, from sourcing and contacting venues, to helping with budget creation and management, to managing wedding suppliers and the timeline for the wedding day.

On the actual wedding day, the planner coordinates the suppliers, makes sure the event goes to plan, and solves any problems if and when they arise.

Depending on the level of service they are hired for, planners likely plan most, if not all, elements of your wedding from start to finish and can also act as trusted advisors for all wedding-related weddings.

The wedding designer

A wedding designer or stylist is responsible for the overall visual aesthetic of the wedding. The wedding designer takes your wedding ideas and uses them to inspire a wedding concept (basically the appearance). They generate the wedding design and decor concept and how that concept is carried through each visual element. The designer creates color palettes and takes into account all visual elements such as flowers, bedding, furniture, lighting, backdrops, etc. to create the look and feel of the event.

In other words, designers think broadly.

When it comes to the actual event, the wedding designer is in charge of the furnishings, overseeing the visual suppliers, and designing the ceremony and reception rooms to look perfect.

Hiring a wedding designer is definitely worth considering if you have an empty wedding room. They’re also helpful for couples who have an idea of ​​what the wedding day should look like but aren’t sure how to bring it all together, or have an ideal for a fantastic wedding but don’t have a specific picture in mind as to what that means is.

The (venue) coordinator

Your venue coordinator is your venue liaison who will help you keep your day running smoothly – but only for things that are within the responsibility of the venue. Wedding planners and event coordinators work side by side to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding designer?

Wedding planning is a comprehensive task; A planner knows confidential details of your wedding to make sure you are stress free. The wedding designer only focuses on the associated design units and vendors, focusing solely on the aesthetics and not the other wedding details and schedules.

The industry has started to separate design from logistics.

Some wedding planners are seasoned stylists themselves, while others bring in a stylist as part of their team to take care of the more creative elements.

When considering hiring a wedding designer, planner, or coordinator, it is important to understand what your needs and wants are, and what are the types of services that you desire.

Have fun planning!

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