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The dreamy wedding decoration of Bollywood actress Kajal Aggarwal

2020 hit the pause button at weddings with tall, fat Indians, but people quickly learned how to make smaller, intimate weddings equally beautiful. Singham actress Kajal Aggarwal recently tied the knot with Mumbai-based businessman, Discern Living founder Gautam Kitchlu. Their wedding only had 60 guests and while the two caused a stir on social media with their outfits and more, their charming wedding decorations didn’t go unnoticed either.

Expert touch

Ambika Gupta from A-Cube Project was the creative mind behind the wedding decoration. When she first met the couple, she learned that the pair preferred an elegant and restrained aesthetic. More importantly, the colors had to be soft and subtle. The color palette ultimately reflected soft pinks, deep oranges to green, brown, gold, ombre to white.

Special events

For the Brijwasi Krishna Baagh ceremony (the family is passionate about Krishna), Gupta took inspiration from the paintings of Radha and Krishna and created a tree full of cascading peonies and brass bells. “We embellished the decor with peacock feathers and flutes,” she adds.

Ode to craftsmanship

A kitsch mandi was set up during the wedding as a tribute to the craftsmen of India. Gupta explains, “We created a backdrop from pettis, an invention that coconut climbers use as a backdrop, and sourced it directly from the farmers. This background was a topic of conversation because it was unique and also attracted the attention of farmers in need of assistance. In solidarity with India’s weavers, Kajal wore an outfit specially woven for them by Madhuraya, a brand that supports arts and crafts traditions. “To focus on Kajal’s South Indian roots, Gupta has adapted the French bistro atmosphere of Souffle S’il Vous Plait (in Churchgate) to resemble a Chettinad architectural style. She completed the look with cascading bougainvillaea, brass trinkets, and macrame for a subtle boho touch.

Cultural connection

The wedding day was inspired by Gautam’s Kashmiri legacy. The event entitled “Shikara – The Journey of Love” suggested a fresh start for the couple. Gupta explains, “We used the windows of houseboats to create a very unique pattern and also to frame exquisite pashmina embroidery prints in it. Apart from that, a pyramidal mandap suggested the connection between the self and the mind and conjured up the shape of the mountains. We used acrylic mirrors to mimic Dal Lake and decorated flowers on both sides to remind everyone of the Kashmiri floating flower markets. It was almost as if Kajal was going on a journey with a shikara towards her new life with Gautam. “


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