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The Florissant Wedding Cake Business Will Eventually Receive COVID Aid Funds

FLORISSANT, Mon – A wedding cake bakery in Florissant just got a sweet treat.

Wedding Wonderland has been approved – this time for good – for a $ 50,000 state grant under the CARES Act.

About a week ago, owner Michael Temm received a letter from the state that the scholarship granted to him had to be withdrawn.

The Florissant Cake Business said they need to return $ 50,000 in CARES Act relief funds

The letter stated that the grant was canceled because the company did not fall into one of four business categories, including catering services. But Wedding Wonderland is a food service business.

FOX 2 reached out to the Department of Economic Development about this, saying they would have to withdraw 98 of the 3,000 grants but would look into the Wedding Wonderland grant.

In the meantime, the community has grown. Temm said the phones rang the day after the story aired on Wedding Wonderland. People bought cakes that they didn’t really need.

Then on Tuesday night Temm got a phone from DED, and this time it was good news. They said they made a mistake and the grant was his. Temm said after losing the scholarship the second time he got it, it was even better.

The money helps Temm insure that Wedding Wonderland won’t have to close their doors, but even before he got this message from the state, the Temm community showed that everything would be fine.

To thank the community, Temm would like to make a day to give away cakes in the bakery. He hasn’t picked the date yet, but he’ll be sure to let us know.

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