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The husband and wife team will reopen the Peterborough bakery business from a single source – with their own wedding cake courses

Nicola and David Mash opened Sugarcraft Supplies at Yaxley in 2013 after Nicola grew up surrounded by a love of baking.

Her uncle owned two bakeries when she was younger, and her parents had always been good at whipping up sweet treats for the family.

Inspired by her uncle and after becoming a mother herself, she found that baking cakes was in her blood.

After Nicola had her own children, she was happy to teach them the tricks of the trade and the lessons that had been passed on to her through generations.

She said, “I’ve grown up with cheeks all my life.

“My uncle had a few bakeries in Northern Ireland, at home, and my parents always made cakes. It all started with me from a very young age.

“Then I had my kids and started making goodies for school fate, and from then on it grew. But I found myself unable to get the supplies I often needed and decided to start my own business. “

In 2013 Nicola and David Cambridgeshire founded Sugarcraft Supplies in Peterborough and their company was founded – offering diplomas in the art of cake making.

After seven years in the business, the two then bought the unit next door and knocked through to double the size of their store.

Before the first coronavirus lockdown was declared on March 23, 2020, they reopened their expanded and renovated space – but their doors were only open for seven days.

The staff at the bakery adapted quickly and the business was in demand with many experimental bakers and banana bread makers.

Nicola and David started a free delivery service that quickly expanded from a ten-mile radius to trips from Peterborough to St. Ives.

This delivery service spurred them to think about selling their own cakes, which CSS calls cakes, and they are now selling their own branded cake mix to customers.

Nicola added: “When we had to close it was scary and worrying, especially since we had just hit through and were feeling the extra pressure.

“But the first suspension was good for us, we took on additional products, we were versatile and we had nice customers who kept us going through and through.”

Now, almost a year later, the pair are hoping to get their new store back up and running on April 12th, which will eventually house two classrooms – when lockdowns get easier – so customers can learn how to make their own wedding cakes to bake.

In addition to baking three-tier triumphs, customers can learn the basics of how to decorate sponge cakes with buttercream frosting or take lessons on how to make their own ganache icing.

Nicola added: “We are definitely looking forward to the reopening. It will be nice to see customers face to face again. The store has changed so much.

“Come by and have a look around, it might inspire you to start baking. You can start as small as making cupcakes and work your way up to making your own wedding cake. “

The shop is now fitted with a pink floor and has everything you can think of with cake.

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The one-stop shop invites all bakers to take a look around the workshop.

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The shop will reopen in April, subject to government restrictions.

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