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The new wedding cake is a nostalgic ode to the past

The hottest wedding cake trend today is a little Victorian, a mix of French neoclassicism, an 80s pop, a 50s touch, and loads of kitsch smothered in buttercream or cream cheese. These cakes tend to be small (hello, micro-weddings!), Although some were larger for these outdoor bashes. They all have one thing in common: They are perfectly nostalgic, with buttercream flowers, tons of flourishes and lots of piping.

“I think this trend towards smaller but more elaborate cakes is a beautiful embodiment of the fact that couples want their intimate weddings to feel just as special and meaningful, especially with anything that has happened to get in the way of their plans,” says Valentina Ring, who runs The Stars Inside, a wedding and kidnapping company in London.

To get that vintage feel that is on trend, couples use hand-painted details, loads of flourishes, pastel colors, and lots of piping. Below are more ways to channel this trend with your wedding cake.

Do you love this idea? Browse more cottage core looks below.


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