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The Queen surprises royal fans with unusual facts about her wedding cake

January 31, 2021 – 6:04 pm GMT

Nichola Murphy

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh enjoyed a nine foot wedding cake when they tied the knot in 1947, but a few discs later traveled around the world!

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Made by McVitie and Price using ingredients obtained from the Australian Girl Guides, the royal couple’s large cake weighed 500 pounds and was made up of four tiers.

One shift was kept until the baptism of Prince Charles and another was sent back to Australia in thanks. It has now been announced that another piece has also been sent to Nigeria.

The UK-based charity Leprosy shared a tweet that read, “Did you know that through leprosy, the Queen helped support children affected by leprosy through leprosy through the child adoption program? The Queen adopted one such girl named in 1956 Budesta to ensure that they can continue their education and live a life of hope and freedom! “

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Her Majesty’s official Twitter account, The Royal Family, retweeted the message and added: “The Queen also sent a piece of wedding cake to the Girl Guides in the Itu Leprosy Settlement in Nigeria in 1947 as a gesture after her wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh!”

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Royal fans were quick to comment on one article, “I love the royal family,” while a second simply added, “Wow!”

The royals’ wedding cake weighed 500 pounds and consisted of four tiers

The wedding cake, which was a centerpiece of the wedding reception at Buckingham Palace, consisted of a fruit cake made from dried fruits from Australia and preserved with rum and brandy from South Africa. It deserves the nickname “the 10,000 mile wedding cake”.

Queen Philip Wedding

A piece of cake from Queen and Prince Philip was sent to Nigeria

The Queen and Prince Philp weren’t the only royal couple to choose a fruit wedding cake. the Duke and Duchess of CambridgeLady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston as well as Prince Haakon of Norway and Mette-Marit also opted for the traditional taste.

Kate and William actually made two cakes for their 2011 wedding – The first was a sumptuous eight-tier ice cream cake with the “Language of Flowers” by Leicestershire baker Fiona Cairns, and the second was a childhood favorite of William’s, an unbaked chocolate chip cookie from McVities.

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