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The St. Louis Wedding Planner offers advice on changing your date amid the wedding pandemic

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By Alecia Humphreys

Planning a wedding takes a lot of preparation – not just for what is expected, but also for what is not expected. Most can agree that the COVID-19 pandemic was not on the list of expected pandemics, so couples across the country are carefully considering whether to continue their dream day or change their date. Which begs the question: How do you decide whether to change the date?

“Changing your date can be stressful – you worry that people won’t want to come or won’t make it,” says Charley Coldon, owner and chief coordinator of Coda’s Events. “Just remember the reason for this special day. Your day – you celebrate yourself and the love of your life. It doesn’t matter where it is, when it is or who is there. As long as you can celebrate your love “

From there, Coldon says, the first step is checking in with vendors and contacts.

“One of the first things my clients and I talk about now is the providers’ COVID precautions, policy rescheduling, and deposits,” says Coldon. “If you do decide to change your wedding date, the first person you should communicate with is your wedding planner / coordinator. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, start with your venue and work your way through your supplier list. Make sure all of your providers are consolidated before letting your guests know that you are changing your date! “


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