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The ultimate guide to wedding cake frosting

There is a lot to consider when choosing your wedding cake, including size and shape, design, and of course, taste. (No matter what, it should all be fun – we’re talking about cake!) One of the most important elements to consider when deciding on your cake is the frosting of the wedding cake, as it is not only the look but also the taste influenced.

If you’ve already chosen a wedding cake designer, they will advise you on which frosting is best based on the types they work with, their design style, and your wedding aesthetic. If you’re still trying to decide which bakery or cake style to go for, it helps to know what types of frosting you like the look and taste of getting started in the process.

Meet the expert

  • Jamaica Crist is the owner and pastry chef at Top Tier Treats in Los Angeles. She opened her business in 2005.
  • Melissa Redell is the co-owner of The Solvang Bakery, a family bakery in Solvang, California.
  • Megan Clark is the owner and pastry chef of Megan Joy Cakes in Eagle, Colorado. She specializes in unique flavor pairings.

“There are tons of different frosting options for cakes … different buttercreams, ganaches, and fondant options,” says cake artist Jamaica Crist of Top Tier Treats in Los Angeles. “There are a ton of different recipes within each category, too, and cake artists tend to have favorite recipes and types that work best for them and the cakes they offer.”

We spoke to several cake designers about some of the most popular wedding cake frostings, from fondant to ganache. Below is the full overview.

Do you have any further questions about the cake? Check out our guide to all things cake below.


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