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The wedding cake image goes viral because of a typo and it’s funny

The picture, since shared on Reddit, has become a source of laughter for many.

Posted by Trisha Sengupta | Hindustan Times, New Delhi

PUBLISHED ON AUG 27, 2020 09:34 AM

You may have seen pictures of wedding cakes that went viral because they look incredibly beautiful. On the flip side, you may also have seen pictures of cakes that were in the spotlight because they weren’t branded or in other words, didn’t have such nice designs. Well, there’s a newest addition to the list of viral cakes. However, it does get people’s attention for a very unusual reason – a typo. Yes, it is a misspelled message that has now made her a source of laughter for many.

The image shared on Reddit shows some words written on it. There is also a label on the picture that explains the situation. “That’s why you hire professionals … my customers brought this with them from our local bakery …” It’s supposed to say “wiser wedding”. This is sure to be their wedding horror story, “they say, and after seeing what’s on the cake, you’ll likely agree.

Yes, the cake says, “Why is there a wedding?” As expected, people have not been able to stay calm since sharing and their responses show it.

“I don’t know that, as things stand, this is a legitimate question – maybe the store staff did, too,” joked one Reddit user. “Honestly, I think I would just find this fun and take tons of photos with it and show it to everyone!” shared another.

How would you react to such a cake disaster?

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