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The wedding cake on the theme of hunting puts the internet in a firestorm

A hunting-themed groom’s cake has Reddit users in their arms.

A photo with the caption “Immediately no. Immediately no ”- published in the“ Wedding Shaming Subreddit ”subreddit – shows a one-tier cake on which a bride at gunpoint stands dragging her tired groom. The pair is surrounded by a deer, shell shells, and foliage. The front of the treat reads: “The hunt is over.”

The picture was enough to convince hundreds of users to weigh.

One comment: “10/10 baker points for the execution, but 0/10 what the French fried for the content. This might be funny if Cupid had a composite bow and both bride and groom were hit by arrows of love or something, but this ‘bridal groom’ thing is over the top gross. “

And a few others: “A trashy idea, but well implemented. I can’t say it’s a graceful wedding cake. “And” I don’t understand the purpose of deer there either. As if the bride had killed the groom. Who will she consummate the marriage with? “

Graceful Cake Creations told Fox News that the groom’s cakes are traditionally a little over the top.

“A groom’s cake usually shows a hobby or sport that the groom is interested in,” Grace Tari, the owner of the bakery, told the news agency. “The groom is a hunter, hence the theme for the cake, and the bride has captured her husband so she is no longer looking for a husband. Just a fun pun. “

Believe it or not, the hunt is a popular subject for groom cakes, Tari told Fox.

“You can find many variations on this theme on Pinterest,” she added. “I’m not a hunter myself, nor do I advocate killing animals, but as a business owner of a bespoke bakery, I am open to my customers meeting me to design their wedding cakes, birthday cakes, etc.”


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