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These Lord of the Rings wedding bands will help you tie them in the dark

To not be outdone by their very own DC Comics marriage ceremony bands, the oldsters at Manly Bands have now rolled out a particular assortment of Lord of the Rings themed marriage ceremony bands.

It is not simply the $1600 14K One Ring that guidelines all of them in illness and in well being. Manly’s assortment additionally consists of rings impressed by the Fellowship half (though for those who ask me that sounds extra like friendliness than romance). There’s the $400 Titan Gandalf; the rustic-looking black zirconium Frodo with Fangorn Forest’s “Real Moss” and related however extra goofy Aragorn, each of which retail for round $700; the $600 cobalt-chrome Legolas, with its inexperienced ash wooden strap and green-and-black looped thread wrapped round it; and the rune-etched gimli, which additionally prices $600 and is made from black zirconium.

When you’re feeling like an excessively controlling partner, there’s additionally a Ringgeist-style marriage ceremony band, a creepy grayish black zirconium engagement ring with a Damascus metal ferrule, and a slew of mundane, miserable jokes about your soul-sapping marriage. When you’re feeling somewhat extra romantic however nonetheless wish to showcase the toxicity of your relationship, there’s additionally a Gollum ring with solid blue carbon fiber inlays. Lastly, there’s an $800 Sauron ring that appears much less like a flaming vagina and extra like glowing lava, which is admittedly fairly cool for those who’re into that.

The Lord of the Rings – Formally Licensed Wedding Rings Assortment (Manly Bands)


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