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These paper wedding flowers look totally real

If you’ve never seen really well-crafted paper flowers, you’re really missing out on a visual feast. The internet is jam-packed with DIY paper flower tutorials (for showers, parties, etc.), but there are quite a number of wonderfully talented artists out there creating the most intricate, realistic paper flowers you’ve ever seen.

We spoke to one of our favorite paper flower artists of all time, Kate Alarcon from The Cobra Lily, who shared some great tips on how to incorporate paper flowers into your own wedding – whether you buy them from someone else or make them yourself. “I got excited about making paper flowers for the first time while making a garland for my daughter’s nursery,” says Alarcon. “Decorating your room with something beautiful and careful, but also wild and full of colors and the vibrancy of the natural world really expressed what I felt about this little girl I had not met but just seemed so full of life. I think having these intricately crafted flowers at a wedding can be something special, and I encourage brides to incorporate them alongside cut flower arrangements. ”

Even if you don’t incorporate paper flowers into your wedding day, we love the idea of ​​having a paper artist re-create your bouquet so you can have it forever. or give all your bridesmaids’ post-wedding duplicates of their paper bouquets as souvenirs. Read on for more tips. Plus, she’s shared some of her favorite flowers so far – prepare to be impressed and inspired!

“Having a single beautifully made bouquet, corsage, or flower crown as a keepsake can be just as beautiful as all paper flowers,” says Alarcon. When constructing your own wedding flowers out of paper, she recommends keeping them simple. “Even if you learn just one flower, practice until you can make one really solid bloom, and then do ten to 20 more,” she says. “Any little hiccups in individual flowers will go away when you have a mass of them.”


“These succulents are very important to me because they were one of the first things I was really proud of. One of my first and still most popular assignments was to put three small succulents on a cake that was just that perfect use for they. ”


“I love making these lush, messy floribunda roses. The hollow, ruffled, and ruffled petals are so dramatic and each finished flower is one of a kind. I like to teach this flower in workshops because it’s a great first bloom for the new paper flower maker is – The construction is simple and does not require a lot of precision to get a really nice result. ”


“This bouquet was so satisfying to make! I developed a basic daffodil pattern and then found a number of variations in size, texture, and color. It was really fun to see what each new stem added to the bouquet, and I ended up doing it I used a lot more than I needed. The color palette – cream, yellow, orange – is one of my all-time favorites. One day I’d like to make a huge bouquet in this range and add poppies and ranunculus.

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