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These reverse proposal – perfect men’s wedding bands are worth the plunge – JCK

Besides the World Cup, the coolest thing that happens every four years is the leap year. Sure, it means one more day in February, which is not for everyone, but that extra day means anything is possible and that’s a very good thing.

Some have leap year traditions (if you don’t, this might be the leap year to start one!), Even entire countries take part. It is common in Ireland for women to make suggestions to their significant other – and this has reportedly been done since the 5th century. This idea doesn’t sound too far-fetched now, but just imagine how revolutionary it was not long ago.

Crushed mosaic ribbon made of black zirconium with crushed coral, price on request; Lashbrook

As the world shrinks, thanks to the convenience of air travel and social media connectors like Instagram, we won’t be blaming these reverse engagements solely on the Irish and Scots. Women ask the question every day of the year around the world. Some suggest first, others respond to their commitments with their own sign – they strike back.

Gravure Commitment Ruby Wedding RingIconic collection 6 mm wedding ring made of 14 carat yellow gold with ruby, price on request; Gravure obligation

How can you prepare if your customers decide this leap year is one for the books? At a time when management rings are less and less new (are you stocked with yours?) And men’s jewelry is becoming more diverse, to help these lovebirds get what is on display, it’s time to keep an inventory of the items on display they need.

Wedding ring for men by Thorsten WestleyWestley wedding ring made of black and blue ceramic, price on request; Thorsten

“Inverse and mutual suggestions are increasing,” says Severine Ferrari, editor-in-chief and founder of Propose Too and Engagement 101. “There are also a growing number of committed men who wear their wedding ring before the wedding. All of these new consumer behaviors offer amazing ways to sell couples on men’s wedding rings. The earlier the purchase of a men’s ring is made during the wedding process, the more couples can afford precious metals and adjustments. Marketing leap year suggestions are a great gimmick to focus on men’s wedding jewelry while also helping empower women. “

Above: Prive collection I Love You Forever Band made of 18-carat white gold, price on request; Mardini

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