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This Is The Scandi Way To Do Engagement Rings And Wedding Bands

Sophie Bille Brahe has been making customized engagement rings and marriage ceremony bands for a while, however now the Danish jeweler has pooled her beautiful diamond designs right into a single bridal assortment. Created underneath the availability that the 2 symbols of marriage ought to match collectively completely if a lady goes to put on them for the remainder of her life, Sophie’s rings are available couplets.

“They’re like two lovers holding palms, or like a letter becoming into an envelope,” says the poetic jewelery maker, who’s impressed by the work of her ancestor, the astronomer Tycho Brahe. Referred to as “Chere” and “Cher”, referring to the affectionate names a pair would possibly use to refer to 1 one other when writing notes of endearment, the ring pairings are fully harmonious. “I considered my dream diamond rings and fitted the marriage band to them,” she says of fashioning a house for her signature kinds, together with the Ensemble Escargot, Ensemble Croissant and Grand Ensemble Ocean, inside immaculate new diamond bands.

This isn’t conventional bridal fare. Bille Brahe’s work is more and more common as a result of she designs jewelery that “matches into [her] universe”. For the uninitiated, that is the achingly cool epicenter of Copenhagen model. Observe: model, not trend. All the pieces Sophie turns her hand to hath the minimalist spirit of Scandinavia embedded inside it, whereas referencing the upper energy of the celestial fascination shared by the Brahe household. “I work with parts which are tremendous, tremendous basic, however I twist it somewhat bit, so it is what I prefer to put on,” she says of those fashionable tokens.

Mon Cher Ocean, £7,450, pictured with the Grand Ensemble Ocean, £17,750.


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