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Totally unconventional wedding bands for men – JCK

As we continue to face the exciting changes in men’s jewelry, with new, revolutionary-looking styles emerging, we should take some time to ponder the impact all of this can have on the wedding jewelry business.

If men become more open to wearing jewelry for fashion and blurring the lines between men’s and women’s jewelry, can’t that also apply to wedding rings – or even engagement rings for men?

While the average customer today will most likely still opt for a classic wedding ring, something in platinum or gold with a comfortable fit, maybe a little milgrain if they’re feeling that daring. But a new audience of men – and women – are turning to unconventional styles, looking for the piece that feels true to their style and stands out from the crowd. Something that will stand the test of time as a piece forever without venturing too far into the realm of fad, yet still feels fresh, individual, and new.

18-karat yellow gold Chrona band with sapphires, $ 2,000; VramLMJ Ocean Waves BandSterling Silver Ocean Waves Enameled Band, $ 229; LMJEstablished men's mate rings14-karat yellow gold men’s mate rings, $ 1,995; Established

To some budding grooms, this doesn’t look like much more than an alternate metal, something different from the usual platinum or gold. You could be looking for a gemstone to liven up the look or an engraved pattern or message to make it more personal.

Bare by Dries Carioca ring18-karat white gold Carioca ring with onyx and black and white diamonds, $ 4,270; NakedKassandra Nicholson Cliff RingOxidized sterling silver cliff ring, $ 310; Kassandra Nicholson

However, to others, this looks like something that may not resemble a wedding ring at all. Maybe it’s a seal, maybe it’s a piece that defines traditional gender roles.

Andreoli Diamond Wedding Badn18-carat rose gold and steel band with 0.25 ct. Princess cut diamond, price on request; AndreoliWedding ring on East Fourth StreetRustic Recycled Rose Gold Wedding Ring, $ 2,125; East Fourth Street

By no means should you swap out all of your inventory for such styles, but it is definitely worth gauging your customers’ interest in having them on your wedding ring shop window or online inventory. And if the demand for this aesthetic continues to grow, be sure to connect with brands like this for a comprehensive presentation.

Above: 22-karat yellow gold and platinum signet ring with Munsteiner-carved moonstone and diamonds, $ 9,500; Atelier Wolff

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