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Unique shades, table wicker: a look at the wedding decorations in the new year

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has made many rethink the concept of conventional, big, bold Indian weddings, but ideas for the wedding industry have evolved a lot based on what we learned in 2020. From deciding on a range of unique colors to spatial seating and acting sustainably, let experts decipher what to expect in 2021.

Support for #VocalforLocal

Wedding planner and decorator Kaveri Vij of Designer Events Inc believes this will be the year of ‘LocTral’, a combination of minimal neutrals mixed with the loud local flavors of India. “The year will be the perfect mix of loud and neutral hues, with a focus on clean lines, light patterns, a variety of cultures and the support of local artisans,” she says. Supporting local artisans is something that wedding planner Nilma Dileepan from With Love agrees with. “It is the year that you are clear about where your materials come from. It will be more about using local artisans as there will also be work for those who have lost their livelihoods during the pandemic, ”she says.

The spotlight is on the lighting

“People now prefer outdoor areas and farmhouses. So when you go outside, you can play with lights. For example, you can recreate a ceiling made of stars with twinkling lights. I believe couples will have focused and specific niche ideas for their 50-100 guest meetings, ”says Aanchal Bagaria, co-founder of The Wedding Soul, adding that they will be opting for locally grown flowers more for decoration purposes.

Sustainability is the way forward

Couples will consciously move towards sustainable consumption

Bagaria also believes couples will make a conscious move to sustainable consumption, adding, “They have already switched to eco-friendly furniture like cane chairs.” Ankur Sarawagi, Country Head of India, The Knot Worldwide, added, “Big wedding planning brands shy away from do not use sustainable decorative items like cane baskets, lanterns, plants, flowers and earthen pots to complete their desired wedding aesthetic. ”

Unique contrasting color combinations

The bright tones and traditional hues are going to be a miss this year, says wedding planner Akshay Chopra. Shedding light on the upcoming wedding decor hues, he says, “Teal and brick red, eggshell and emerald green, turmeric yellow and old rose will be the season’s color combinations.”

Living room style decor

“Last year, people spent their lives in their living rooms and will therefore take it outdoors in the middle of the countryside. Sitting in the lounge on lawns is what I see for people, ”adds Dileepan.

Table willows for intimate weddings

The concept of table willow (Photo: Instagram / thetheatricplatter)

For those perfect Insta-worthy shots, designers have come up with a number of new concepts that focus on table setting. The newest in this category is the grazing of tables. Preeti Rathod, founder of The Theatric Platter, says: “The concept of table willow started in Australia. The table is aesthetically designed and is usually made of cheese, fruits, nuts, olives, and meat. But there are no rules, you can always change it. We recently laid out Biryani in glasses for a small wedding. “From £25,000, the concept is the modern take on a traditional buffet in that it doesn’t require servers and is ideal for smaller gatherings, believes Rathod.

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