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Wedding cake baker Lizzie Johnson dishes on desserts

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Johnson at Lizzie’s Bakery is just as passionate about desserts as you are.

Photo by Stephanie Vegliante

Lizzie Johnson could never give up baking. When she and her husband moved to LA from Provo, Utah before settling permanently in Boston in 2017, Johnson, a longtime confectionery maker, put her degree in advertising, but office life never felt quite right. So she started Lizzie’s Bakery, which she ran as a side concert before moving to full-time employment in 2018. Now Johnson happily spends her days making desserts like cakes, cookies, macarons and pies. “To bake [is] My creative path, ”explains Johnson. “I’ve always been fascinated by the challenges of reading a recipe and trying to copy a Design I. [saw somewhere]. “She also adds,” I love sugar! ” Suffice it to say, if your wedding calls for a full candy feast, Johnson is more than willing to do so.

When in the planning process should a couple book your services?

Six months before the wedding is good because it will [desserts] out of the way so couples don’t have to worry about her. Plus, I always tell my clients that I’m a one-woman show, so I don’t bake anything until a week later: if they change their mind about a taste in the week before the wedding, that’s okay because I don’t have done nothing has started yet.

What desserts do you offer?

Wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies, sheet cakes, macarons, cake pops, mini pies, [bars, muddy buddies]and cakes.

Photo by Stephanie Vegliante

How do you work with couples to customize their dessert choices?

[If they want cake]I’ll send them my menu before they come for a tasting. There are 15 flavors and you can try three. You can also ask about different types of fillings and frostings that you think will suit every taste. If a couple wants to make a dessert bar, they can host a tasting depending on the type of dessert they want. I have a curated menu that you can choose from to make it easier, but if you want something custom I’ll be more than happy to include it.

Speaking of which, dessert bars have been trendy for several seasons. Why?

Dessert bars grew in popularity when Pinterest came out and people saw different ideas [and realized] They didn’t have to get the big traditional wedding cake, instead they could choose all of their favorite desserts for their big day. Having this range is great because everyone has different tastes – and it’s fun to keep everyone happy!

That said, people can make cakes and desserts. [Some couples have requested] Cutting cakes because they still want the traditional part of their wedding and then a sheet cake or cupcakes for their guests. Or some people get a cake, but then also have their favorite donut at the wedding. It’s all right; People can do what they want.

What are some ways to make a dessert bar special?

You can customize the selection by adjusting the colors [of the desserts] to your wedding colors. And if you go for sugar cookies, a cute monogram of your last name is the perfect touch to personalize it. Another thing you can do is [serve] Your favorite candy in bulk, which is always a hit – especially when there are takeaway bags that people can take as favors. You could also have a themed dessert bar, like an ice cream sandwich [station] where I provide the cookies and the couple offer their favorite ice cream flavors. I went to a wedding where they had a frozen chocolate covered banana cart, and then they had an ice cream cart too. It was the best ever!

Tell us about one of your most memorable dessert requests.

Last year I had a newlyweds with a funny story. They ordered two three-tier cakes, one for the bride and one for the groom – because one likes red velvet and one likes vanilla. And I said, “You can just combine [the flavors]So each stage is one or the other. “And they said,” No, we want everything. ” So I made two big cakes for her and I thought that was so cool.

How have you adjusted your offers due to COVID-19?

I’ve made a lot of little elopement cakes for couples who had to cancel or postpone their big weddings but now want to get married. I love elopement cakes!

What advice do you have for couples waiting to see if they have to cancel in 2021?

Take it month after month. This pandemic is changing every day and you want to be prepared for whatever comes your way. We don’t know what the future of weddings will be. So stay calm and communicate with all of your vendors so you know what to do about the next steps.

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