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Wedding cake left with unhappy message after being “mixed up” with order instructions

One wedding venue was stunned when the cake popped up with some unfortunate news on top – but the bakers insist that they just obey orders.

The cake is often one of the central features of any big day. It has to be perfect for the moment the happy couple shares a knife and cuts into it.

Many bakers have the cakes personalized to ensure they are just right, but a picture of a wedding cake was shared on Twitter after it turned out the instructions were taken too literally.

The cake was decorated with white icing and a rim, but in the middle is the message: “Please no inscription!”

There was debate as to whether the message was intentional
(Image: Twitter)

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It was shared on Twitter by @Jen_Royle, the owner and chef of Table Restaurant in Boston, USA, who wrote, “The wedding cake has arrived for today’s event @TableBoston. Yes, so …”

However, workers claiming to be from the bakery that made the cake replied that it was exactly what the bride and groom ordered.

When they post a picture of the receipt for ordering a 10 inch carrot cake, it says they answered “yes” about adding an inscription.

In the instructions, the person who took the order had written: “** ‘Please no inscription!’ – that’s what they want the inscription to be on the cake. “

It wasn’t clear if it had been taken as a joke or simply a misunderstanding by the couple, but Jen added an update to say that once the cake reached the venue it had been pre-arranged for a florist to do that Remove writing and instead decorate with flowers before the big moment.

Either way, people on Twitter laughed when one person joked, “There are just no words or there shouldn’t be any.”

A second said, “This can’t be real. I’m a cake decorator and I’ve never been this dull.”

And another added: “Missed a comma totally, embarrassing.”


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