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Wedding Cake Tips: 7 Things to Consider Before Finishing Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Tips: Before you shortlist your D-Day cake, consider these important tips. Read on to find out more.

Wedding cakes are pretty much mandatory in western weddings and nowadays even Indians like and like to cut wedding cakes. If you are also planning on getting one for your wedding anytime soon, this is the place because today we are chalking up wedding cake 101 to make sure you pick the best one for your day. Wedding planning involves a myriad of things, but you’ll agree that choosing and tasting cakes is the most fun and relaxing one on the to-do list.

For many, wedding cakes might just be extra stuff and part of the wedding, but there are some who actually get married for wedding cakes. Jokes aside, there are obsessive wedding cake souls who want their D-Day cakes to be the best and most memorable. If you’re curious to know some tips and hacks, read on.

Here is our guide to choosing the perfect wedding cake:

1. Cake tasting appointment

Before going to your cake tasting appointment, provide the bakery with information about your wedding date, venue, and estimated number of guests. This is the first step in completing the bakery.

2. Pricing and Budget

So based on availability, you should go for the cake that falls under your budget. You can show them designs you like and bakers can share an estimated price based on the design. Also ask them about the prices. If your wedding cake is set by the slice or number of layers or other factors, you will get the details and separation right!

Don’t let exotic flavors woo you and forget about your budget. For example, more flavors and a more complicated design mean more money. Ask about prices for decoration, jewelry, sugar paste flowers and lace, etc.

3. Dummy animal

Of course, if you want a three tier cake or more, but only have a small number of guests, you can enjoy it. No, you don’t have to order the extra cake as you can always ask the bakery to add dummy tiers. They are usually made of plastic foam.

4. Find out what is going to happen inside and outside of your cake

Find out how many levels you want according to your guest list. Then you can decide what goes inside and outside of the cake. For example, zero the flavors and layers and then you need to figure out the frosting flavors and spreads that can come with frosting. You can choose fondant or buttercream for the outer layer, among other things. Of course, the bakers will help with information and you can try them during the tastings.

5. Different tastes in each level

Did you know that you can get a different flavor for each level? Instead of picking a crowd favorite for the entire cake, you can choose different flavors based on your partner and partner’s choices.

6. You can either be regular or creative

It’s fine if you want to go funky to make it personal or eye-catching. You can always opt for custom cake toppers, including wedding colors in a unique way and hiding small messages in the design. There is no shortage of creative cakes. You can google for inspiration. You can definitely discuss cool ideas and execution and other details with the baker. If you want a simple one then you can go for nude wedding cakes or the all-time popular simple frosted wedding cakes.

7. Think about the weather

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in hot climates, whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream can all melt away. You can either opt for the summer icing or opt for a cake with a fondant coating.

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