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Wedding cake with incredibly inappropriate news leaves the internet amused

A failure of the wedding cake has split social media users (representative image)

When it comes to cake failing, this one takes … the cake. A wedding planner recently shared a fun picture of a wedding cake that went wrong on social media and it quickly made its way to Reddit. The cake of its misspelled message has now divided people – and it is sure to make you laugh too.

The cake in question was meant for a wedding but arrived with an incredibly inappropriate message. A picture of the sweet treat was shared on Facebook by a wedding planner who urged people to leave the baking to the professionals. The planner announced that her customers had ordered her cake from a local grocery store, which apparently misunderstood the message they were supposed to write on it.

“That’s why you hire specialists,” wrote the planner. “My customers bought this from our local bakery … it should be called ‘Wiser Wedding’.”

In reality, the white cake with the elegant green lettering actually reads: “Why is there a wedding?”

Just a simple misunderstanding from r / facepalm

The image that popped up on Reddit a few days ago generated a lot of amused reactions.

“I like this better,” explained one Reddit user while another said the news seemed appropriate given the pandemic. “In these Covid times, this is actually quite true. We just had to turn down an invitation to a wedding because we don’t want to spend 6 hours or more in the same room with hundreds of people. And most of them won’t be. ” wear a mask. No thanks, “wrote the Reddit user.

This isn’t the first wedding cake to go horribly wrong. Last year, a bride who had ordered a peacock-themed wedding cake was devastated when she arrived looking like a “one-sided turkey with leprosy”.

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