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Wedding flowers get bigger than life

Move over bouquets and centerpieces. Flowers take on weddings to a large extent. While wedding trends come and go, flowers always have a place at the wedding table. The flowers that brides and grooms choose, and how they choose to display them, can say a lot about the couple’s style.

Many modern couples opt for statement pieces with their flowers to keep up with the big and bold ideas they bring to their occasions elsewhere, for example in cakes and clothes.

In fact, floral designer Tom Uberuaga says that traditional hurricane vase centerpieces are out of date and focus the eye only on the center of the table. He prefers that guests enter the wedding and stimulate their senses with flowers from all angles. Large flower installations, as well as blooms popping up in unexpected places, are some of the hot trends couples should keep an eye out for.

Wedding hanging garland made with lamps and flowers. Getty Images

Flower chandelier You don’t have to worry about table decorations or flowers getting in the way of photo moments. Thanks to hanging flowers and floral chandeliers, flowers literally move up in the world. Hanging flower pieces can add instant drama and make a great visual impact. Florists can hang flowers on beams above tabletops to enhance visual impact, whether as individual baskets, individual stems, or flower loot. Hanging flower chandeliers are dramatic, but of course expensive. Think of a large installation that forces guests to look out into a sea of ​​greenery and flowers. The smell and sight can be breathtaking.

Welcome wreaths Why should wreaths only be reserved for front doors and Christmas decorations? A welcome wreath of flowers can be placed at the entrance of a chapel or reception hall. The feeling of the heart shows the guests how much they are valued.

A wedding wreath made of pink and white roses. Getty Images

Fairy tale flowers A flower curtain made of hanging flowers can line a chuppah or wrap the altar in beautiful flowers. Couples who want a fairytale appearance can also debut as a couple by walking through a flower curtain at the reception. Martha Stewart Weddings says a cascade of flowers and greens can be romantic and elegant.

wfil1Flowers elevate this romantic draped wedding arch. Getty Images

Dance floor is blooming Who said flowers have to be above your head or on a table? With a plexiglass dance floor or a dance floor made of another transparent material, flowers can be under your feet and form a magical carpet of flowers.

Flower necklaces Brides don’t have to wear their bouquets, they can instead wear ethereal and whimsical pieces of flowers around their necks or waist. Couples are encouraged to speak to their florists about the innovative ways they can make flowers an even more impressive part of their weddings.

wfil5Even a simple outdoor wedding can get a touch of floral creativity, such as a rose hanging from a lightbulb vase. Getty Images


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