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Wedding planners and future bridal talks are rescheduling their wedding due to COVID

Wedding planners and future bridal talks COVID weddings

Lauren Tonne, the owner of Peonies & Perfection, discusses planning her own COVID wedding and helping other brides with hers.

As COVID 19 continues to postpone people’s special day, a wedding planner and bride-to-be from Shelby Township shares her story of how she reschedules her own wedding during this time.

Lauren Tonne, the owner of Peonies and Perfection, is unpacking wedding decorations as she plans her wedding in May, which was postponed last year due to COVID.

“It was the most difficult year of my life, both personally and professionally. I went through a whole whirlwind of emotions,” says Tonne.

It’s been a year and there are still limitations, and Tonne says as her day draws closer, she keeps reliving the insecurity and stress.

Ton says, “Financially, I feel like this has knocked the wedding industry down and the venues struggled with the restrictions, and I feel like everyone is interpreting the restrictions differently so it was confusing for everyone.”

Ton advises their brides to host outdoor weddings and make sure they have backup plans in place. For example, hold a small ceremony and wait at reception for the restrictions to be lifted.

Ton says one good thing that came out of this is that she and her fiance Tomas are closer than ever.

“I believe if brides can reschedule a wedding during a global pandemic, they can get through anything and that has strengthened their relationship and, last but not least, I just want to say that brides are not alone in it,” she says.

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