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Wedding Planners Guide To A Pandemic Wedding – What You Need To Know

What are brides looking for as consumers today? How do you adapt to more intimate weddings that the pandemic has restricted us to?

The bridal march and Co: Brides are looking for memorable setups with lots of detail as the guest lists have been trimmed. They are looking for more funky themes as the limitations allow them to focus on decorating rooms for many other things. The best weddings we’ve designed have been intimate. As the crowd is smaller and the brides are opting for distinctive but smaller venues, we’re working to emphasize this by blending our decor with the characteristics of the space. At the same time it is transformed into beautiful memories. We went the extra mile to do a thorough design research and never miss a feature to customize. We even recently custom made the fabric to match the bride’s outfit.

The Doli diary: Brides today are spoiled for choice. There are limitless options in every aspect of the wedding planning process – be it your outfits, your decor, your gifts, or your experiences. Brides are looking for someone who can curate these available options for them according to their personality and aesthetic and create a customized experience for them. 50-100 is a golden number for any intimate affair. Working from home for most brides was a blessing which made the planning process more interesting. They are still living their fairytale wedding dream with all the little details tailored to their taste and personality.

Moving to intimate weddings is the best adjustment we’ve ever made. It’s like stepping back in time where close families would get married in their backyards and courtyards. We can improve their true mood. We have set up a small department for these weddings in our company called #closeknitaffair, in the hope that these weddings will always coexist with the larger weddings. Although the team strength for handling the event is lower, the level of detail is 10 times as the people are very close to the decor.

Swaaha Weddings:
Brides look for viable options in terms of a good travel destination and safe environment to make their wedding memorable with a limited guest list. We have always believed that “experiencing creations” is the key to creating memories instead of thinking small. We focus on detailing and novelty in concepts. We’re on the same path and great efforts are being made to ensure that safety and hygiene are a priority for guests and our team.

The bridal march and Co.

The Doli diary

Are there any decor trends that you noticed recently?

The bridal march and Co: The whole world tends towards sustainable resources, as does weddings. The concept of local singing (as we all know) has grown in popularity and many of our props are made by skilled artisans. This will be a permanent change to bring India’s design legacy to the fore.

The Doli diary:
If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has to be to support sustainable and locally produced products. Wedding decorations also follow this route. The biggest trend this season would be to be there. We have adapted to the concept of adapting the available products to our requirements. We held weddings without the use of plastics and only with biodegradable materials. We have had stationery printed with natural ink on seed paper, which guests can take back and plant at home – a reminder of their wedding would be planted in each guest’s home. We also used flower baskets near the mandap made from beautifully woven green leaves and filled them with locally grown flowers. It was the cheapest and nicest addition to the decor we’ve ever made. Many guests took them home so that they could be dried and used for years.

Swaaha Weddings and Co: A new mindset is on the way – quirky modern decor that is reusable is the new trend that will stay here as it is eco-friendly and inexpensive. More and more customers have been looking for intimate weddings on a budget.

The bridal march and Co.

The Doli diary

What are the most popular and cheapest places / destinations today?

The Doli diary: In India, Goa is our all-time favorite – you can plan a wedding of any size here. Rajasthan also has hundreds of smaller undiscovered properties and historic forts that are perfect for small intimate gatherings. India is full of unexplored places that are great for all budgets.

Swaaha Weddings: In addition to the traditional hotels in Jaipur and Goa, exploring 4-star non-chain hotels that are closest to your hometown is a great choice.

The Doli Diary, Goa

What are your thoughts and best tips for a virtual wedding?

The bridal march and Co: Do a lot of research on how to style your decor. It’s more than just putting a few props together. The pandemic may be temporary, but your wedding pictures won’t be. Make sure your decor matches your outfit. Make sure the finishing touches are done. Follow a set color palette. Try things out; even flowers. Perform a mock setup if you try to do this yourself. Lastly, enjoy the process.

The Doli diary: A wedding is the most special and intimate moment of your life and is best enjoyed with friends and family. However, with the downsizing of wedding guest lists, virtual weddings have become a natural by-product. Quick tips for planning a successful virtual wedding would be:

  • Keep it simple – less is more
  • Hire a professional streaming service so guests don’t have any technical issues
  • You can improve guests’ experience by sending them pre-wedding food / gifts / pre-wedding barriers
  • Make it beautiful – even though it’s virtual, the images are for a lifetime
  • Make it Personal – Try to personalize the guest anywhere, anywhere – from a simple toast at the ceremony to handwritten thank you notes. Try to make it your mood instead of following a current trend. Be a #trendsetterbride

Swaaha Weddings: Don’t let the screen size obstruct your view, think big and research how you’d like to break the barrier with the aim of making the guest feel like it is a live experience space that they are consuming. When designing the virtual series, we wanted to make sure that the Experience creation is at a peak for everyone who joined us on the screen. With more than 2 months of pre-wedding celebrations on various virtual platforms, we have our guests in the #LockdownLove every week with a shot of new flavors, taking into account all possible safety standards.

The end result for us was the debut of virtual space in the wedding industry as well as creating experiences for the couple who had the presence and love of everyone they wanted at their wedding.Swaaha Weddings virtual pre-wedding event

Advice for couples thinking of postponing their weddings.

The bridal march and Co: There has never been a better time to get married. You can fully enjoy your wedding with the people you care about most. While some may not be in attendance, there is always another celebration to have later. But don’t miss out on this golden age because the wedding is all about you, and so it should be.

The Doli diary: It’s going to be the biggest day of your life … do what feels right. If you want a big wedding with all your family and friends, you have to wait. But if you want an intimate wedding, your best bet is not to wait and pick a nice boutique venue. India has so many that are perfect for 80-100 people. Make your wedding more personal and memorable for the people you love. There is great uncertainty given the current situation and we believe that if things get stable, it is best to plan a smaller affair with a big celebration now.

Swaaha Weddings: If your family, you, and your partner are confident in the relationship and have always wanted that grand opulent wedding, it can’t hurt to wait for things to return to normal. But if your circumstances do not allow you to wait, do it now and with a smile. Keep it close friends and family and plan a lavish 1st anniversary celebration.

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