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When it comes to luxurious wedding decorations, CasaFleur sets standards | Condé Nast Traveler India

There is only one thing that takes the bride’s eyes away on her special day. If done right, of course, it’s the wedding decoration. A picture-perfect wedding reception, or indeed an intimate event, is incomplete without a beautifully decorated space. And there is nothing like a floral decor to make a room look attractive, inviting and absolutely breathtaking.

CasaFleur, the brainchild of Gaurav Makhija, takes your vision and transforms it into an unforgettable, truly remarkable space, embellished with style and sophistication. CasaFleur was the brain behind the beauty of many unique, bespoke wedding experiences in India. While most of your wedding guests are on zoom today, decor and style are an important part of the preparations. Before curating an event, the CasaFleur team gathers detailed information about a client’s aesthetics, personality, vision, ideas and expectations. The team then designs an event by recommending locations and venues and adding rich inspirational imagery and storytelling. After all, the event is exactly as you dreamed it would be, just with a layer of CasaFleur finesse.

A company that started out as a humble flower boutique is now successfully curating private parties, family gatherings, as well as large events and weddings. For celebrations at home and intimate event decorations, this is the best choice. CasaFleur uses fresh, beautiful flowers and sources its products locally and sustainably to support the #vocalforlocal movement. And if you don’t have a special event, you can add some beauty to your living spaces with a weekly flower subscription. Get everything from exotic orchids to roses, and lilies Hydrangeas are delivered to your door every week.

Transform your rooms with CasaFleur. More information Here or call +91 9811070169.



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