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Wife left giggling after the baker puts “no inscription please” on the wedding cake

Organizing a wedding anniversary can be a tough proposition when you think about cakes, dresses, and guest lists.

A woman was embarrassed after discovering a mistake in the wedding cake and sharing it on Twitter.

The restaurant owner posted it on social media, claiming to have discovered the mishap before the bride.

In the photo there was a white frosted carrot cake with the text “random” in the middle.

Her caption read: “The wedding cake has arrived for today’s event.”

The woman said she was going to die of laughter and saw the funny side as it wasn’t her wedding.

A photo of the cake was shared on Twitter
(Image: Twitter)

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Fortunately, the team was on hand to resolve the problem before the bride saw the massive mistake.

The woman added, “We peeled it off and the florist covered it with flowers.”

Lots of people giggled at the bug when it was shared on Twitter.

One wrote, “Totally missed a comma, embarrassing,” while another added, “This is so brutal, it works.”

Couples understand that their wedding day should go smoothly
(Image: Getty Images / iStockphoto)

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A third commented, “There are simply no words or there shouldn’t be any.”

While a fourth slammed, “I mean … it was awful. At least the lyrics make it funny,” and a fifth said, “Oh, that’s amazing.”

With other cake mistakes, a woman previously ordered a birthday treat for her friend, only to discover an epic mistake afterwards.

A picture of the cake was posted on a Reddit forum back in November.

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And a baker created a realistic Bernie Sanders meme cake earlier this year.

The talented baker delighted the fans with a video clip in which he slices the cake.

He also shared a photo of his ridiculously realistic looking cake that had fascinated fans.

At the time, the post garnered more than 23,000 likes as its followers raved about his incredible creation.


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