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“Your job is to serve your husband”: Wedding planners under attack over a campaign to encourage young girls to marry

Update February 11th: Digital experts say they found irregularities in Aisha Weddings’ online presence and suspect that everything was made to arouse outrage and Islamophobic sentiments, as was the case with the Klepon cake in 2020.

The original story follows.

An Islamic wedding planning agency has caused a great stir in Indonesia over an aggressive advertising campaign encouraging young women to get married and devote their lives to the bondage of their husbands.

The agency, called Aisha Weddings, recently launched an advertising campaign encouraging women ages 12-21 to settle down and find a man through the agency. With its understanding of Islamic teachings, the agency also advocates polygamy and has not neglected its words to promote the supposed virtues of young people’s marriage.

“To be accepted in the eyes of Allah and your husband, you must marry between the ages of 12 and 21 and at the latest. Do not delay marriage because of your selfish desires. Your job as a girl is to meet your husband’s needs, ”the agency’s website says.

A screenshot from Aisha Weddings’ website.

The agency’s website and social media pages were inaccessible at the time of writing, but were still active on Facebook as early as the afternoon. The Facebook page included photos of banner ads posted in undisclosed locations, as well as religious quotes and sermons justifying the early marriage / polygamy lifestyle.

Before the site went dark, the agency responded to mostly negative comments on the site with a status update, asking the public not to judge the lifestyle.

Among the many outraged by Aisha Weddings is the National Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children (KPAI), which claims it reported the agency to the National Police for a possible violation of Indonesia’s marriage law that prohibits the marriage of women Prohibited for 19 years.

“So many studies show that early marriage can negatively affect the education, mental readiness, reproductive readiness and economic readiness of children,” said KPAI Commissioner Jasra Putra today.

The Department for the Advancement of Women and Child Protection (PPPA) also condemned the agency and called on the police to investigate that their campaign may have broken the law and caused public unrest.

Although Indonesia raised the minimum age for girls to marry from 16 to 19 in 2018 through an initiative by President Joko Widodo, parents can still apply to religious courts for an exemption to allow underage children to marry on religious grounds . This loophole, exploited by Aisha Weddings, has made numerous underage marriages possible unregistered marriages Agreements recognized by religion but not by the state.

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